Sunday, April 01, 2007


Mori Gallery, Sydney, thursday 29th of march 2007
here are some photos of the Curvy 4 Exhibition presented by Yen Magazine...the night was a blast!!!
it was the launch night of the book as well (hope they will sell it in Indonesia)...
Fafi was there doing the signing, there were so many works by all these other great female artists which i can't name just one...and lots more

i even met Jeremyville haha..such a nice guy:)
i met so many amazing people

anyway that's my Squared and Disfigured creature on the first photos...
mind the photos...i have height problems when it comes to standing next to australians...they're all so tall...
so you will frequently see heads covering up the pictures i took...well i've sorted out the here they are...

the entrance

my work, squared and disfigured in Curvy!! yeahhhh

me and staciaaaa


Fafi's installation

close up of fafi's installation

dj doin his thing

this girl's work is amazing, and under her it's actually deanne cheuk's but i didn't take a photo of it, so you should buy the book! , it's lovely

more amazing stuff

this is my personal favorite


and more heads

secret room
finally, the book!!! buy it people!!

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