Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I know this blog has been kind of neglected for awhile...I have been focusing on my jewellery line and clothing line...but I still make illustrations and freelancing here and there whenever I have the chance...

anyway, here are some of the works I've been doing in the past...flyers for We're All Millionaires and A.O.D, designing clothes & textile prints for Proud Parents, flyers for Future1o...I'll upload some more soon!!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Some illustrations i did for Harper's Bazaar birthday edition.
coming soon to newstands near you.

photos by : Kay Moreno

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


An illustration I did for Material Boy AW08 lookbook, if you wanna see the rest of the lookbook you can go here.

sorry for the lack of updates..I've just relocated to Bali for my new job...but still come to Jakarta on the weekends. I LOVE JAKARTA.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Harper's Bazaar Indonesia asked me to make some illustrations for their Samsung advetorial

they will be on the very first pages of Bazaar Living (December 2007)
Here's one of them (buy the magazine to see the rest)

sooooo excited :)


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Yen Website

my work is currently being featured on the Yen Magazine website!
one of my fave magazines ever...

also sorry for the lack of posts lately been very busy and currently working on the new season of Sou Brette Jewellery.

new jewellery and new artworks next month!!

beware of foxes


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Muqliza for Soap Magazine

These are some illlustrations i did for Soap Magazine...
which will be out for the September issue i guess?
photos by arseto, the model is mariana, illustrations by me

anyway, buy the magazine whenever its out :)


Sunday, August 19, 2007


squared and disfigured creature seen through kaleidoscope eyes.

plus some handdrawn patterns.
watercolour on paper.

what a boring sunday.
the end of weekends usually put me in deep agony.


Sunday, June 24, 2007

DJ MISSIL x 707 x Paint By Number (C&C Projects)

here are some photos of my artwork representing 707 (Sevenohseven) at the DJ Missil x Paint By Number night made by C&C Projects which took place at Public (sadly i couldn't attend because i was sick - read previous post,-red)

to be honest i've never heard of DJ Missil, i've been told she's from France who happens to be a graffiti artist too...but i've never heard of her maybe i've been hiding in a cage for so long..cos the only french musicians i'm currently listening to are the teenagers and the people from Ed Banger records...maybe i should expand my knowledge on the french music scene..

there are 3 other female artist doing the project, Sanchia representing WhatNot and of course DJ Missil herself

more photos at 707


Sorry for the lack of posts lately
i've just recovered from typhoid fever (trust me its not good having to stay in bed for more than a week doing nothing but eat porridge and drink guava juice)
well here are some photos from the halomono ladies night!..i had so much fun because most of my Sou Brette necklaces sold out!
and i got the chance to again show some works with my fellow Fembotz crew Elizabeth Hedytia (whoaaa full name)..cos it's been a reallllllllllyyy long time...but i will always love her haha...check her band Polyponyif you have the time

and to top it off, i guess the best work that night was done by my very good friend Milla , with the invisible doll and the tiny doll shoes and a background of the outerspace completed with music of the darkness on headphones! TOTAL ACE! go milla..or milkikola (?)

you can see i've made a three-dimensional version of my Squared and Disfigured creatures..and they were in holographic land..

speaking of holographic...i'm in love with the new american apparel vegas leggings..anybody interested in getting the gold on black ones for me? late birthday gifts are still accepted :Pposing like always

milla's work

hedytia's work