Sunday, June 24, 2007

DJ MISSIL x 707 x Paint By Number (C&C Projects)

here are some photos of my artwork representing 707 (Sevenohseven) at the DJ Missil x Paint By Number night made by C&C Projects which took place at Public (sadly i couldn't attend because i was sick - read previous post,-red)

to be honest i've never heard of DJ Missil, i've been told she's from France who happens to be a graffiti artist too...but i've never heard of her maybe i've been hiding in a cage for so long..cos the only french musicians i'm currently listening to are the teenagers and the people from Ed Banger records...maybe i should expand my knowledge on the french music scene..

there are 3 other female artist doing the project, Sanchia representing WhatNot and of course DJ Missil herself

more photos at 707

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